Difficulties & problems are opportunities up up above from Heaven to experience Divine Providence

Romans 8 : 28, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.”

When I was a child, I slept like a child, I smiled like a
child, I walked like a child, I cried like a child, I played like a child and
so on. Now I became an adult, and I sleep, I smile, I walk, I cry, I play. But
not anymore, I could do in a same way with the similar characteristics of a
child. Years ago, I step into the world of adults. During my childhood, my
parents give me everything, they loved me with whole heart, supported me, feed
me, bought me everything which I needed, and I wanted. That is the role of a
Father. I always asked things that I wanted but he always provided what I need.
Thanks to the Heavenly Father providing my earthly Father what is needed for us

In a blink of an eye, I was promoted to the world of adults. In my case, and
the pattern of life where my patience was always tested. I had to wait for a
long like many others to get something or every small milestones in life. So,
in my case I was not able to be independent but rather forced to be dependent a
little bit, to be obedient to my parents. Still, I was stubborn until the age
of 26. In the world of adults, it is shameful to be dependent on even our own
parents to live a life. But, our Heavenly Father, whatever we do and whatever
we wish to have, we should ask him. But whatever hard work that we must do, must
be done on right time. We get the result or the quality of result, that is up
to our Heavenly Father, which is the Divine Providence. It is just a matter of
time to realize this wonderful truth and he will reveal it to us on the right
time. All that matters is to be humble.

When I was a child, I always received the divine providence from my Heavenly
Father through my earthly Father. Now, I am thirty years old, and I am still
obedient to my parents, I believe or at least I try to be obedient. No matter
how old we are, we are still little Children of our Heavenly Father. He always
calls up our name and say my dear son and daughter. And do you know, how much
happy he is when we ask every time for blessings and graces. That is exactly
the role as a father, to provide everything which are good for his Children. But
the beautiful part is that the freedom that gave us to choose. And he means it.
We must realize that our life is a gift of the Lord, all our skills and
talents, what we own, and nothing is for granted. But what happens is,
sometimes we forget to realize this when our life is on a smooth path, having
all that we wanted. Even though we are adults we should have that innocent
heart of a child, but to be mature when needed.

Now, for the past couple of years, I experience something special, and I
believe that what I have and what I experience in my life is the Mercy and
grace of Lord. Hard work and effort are a must and very important. We could do
anything, learn anything and at the end, the result is not in our hands. That
realization that Oh Lord, nothing is impossible for you, and nothing is
possible without you. I humble myself and you should increase, and I should
decrease, and your wonderful name should be glorified through all that happens
in my life. I would say, I want to do everything together with you Lord,
together with St. Joseph and Mother Mary.

Now, I am an adult. Still, I asks like a child, cry like a child, think like
a child, smile like a child, behave like a child because for our Heavenly
Father, I am, and we all are Children. But must be matured when needed and only
thing is to just humble ourselves. So, just point your finger towards heaven
every time when somebody asks “How?” Amen.

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