It is time my dear one’s, for the Spirit of the Lord to come up on all of us. Prepare yourself

Mathew 3:16; “After being baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the spirit of God descending as a dove and lighting on him.

My dear ones, we all have Holy Spirit in us,which gives life. Ruah, the spirit though God created everything which was for good. Through baptism, Confirmation and every year on the day of Pentecost. But we all already have the holy spirit within us. An active spirit will be in a holy person. When we commit sin, the holy spirit will go inactive. But, dear one’s God wants us to do good things, think good, see good and to be holy. He created us in his own image. So it is our duty to imitate him like how he lived not committing sins, just humbling himself and loving one another and sacrificing his own life for all his Children. Easier to say, that we must follow his all 10 commandments, obey him at least for the sake of his love for us. He provided us everything, he loved us, he himself given to us. So, we must try at least a little bit just before what hands going to do, what our mouth going to say, what our mind going to think. Each time we commit sin, it is us who crucifies him each time on the wooden cross. But his forgiveness is way bigger than anything in this world. We must understand him, like he understands us. That is what we call friendship, or even love for one another. We try not to hurt the loved one’s, sometimes even we humble ourselves.

I believe, this Pentecost will be so heavenly. We must all believe, because for the past couple of years especially during the corona pandemic, the human hands and brains were almost helpless. Most of the time, it was not in our hands. But, for last couple of months, the children of God are praying with all their heart including you and me. The prayers which is even stronger to penetrate the sky, the heaven. We must believe like the Pentecost for the disciples who were with Mother Mary. We should wish, must have that hunger and thirst for the Holy Spirit, thirst for God. Trust me my dear one’s, the heaven will open on this Pentecost and the Spirit of God will come upon all of us, and the whole world. A renewal, revival which will happen soon. I believe with all my heart. I can feel that now, that thirst for Lord, thirst for the Holy Spirit. I wish that you already have and you will soon. My dears, during this times, let us all help each other, support and love one another, spare time to look out each other and live in holiness, which will help us to pave the path for the Holy Spirit to come up on us on this Pentecost 2021. Amen.