Let us transform ourselves, “as right answers”, for our young generation to lead them to Truth & Holiness out of the darkness around them

1 Timothy 4:12 “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”

This is the time for us to answer the truth for who are seeking truth and especially the young generation, at least one step ahead of the foxes who will influence them through their lies especially the media and even the false people who inside and outside the holy places and also among us in the skin of sheep.

The young generation and the children are in a darkness full of confusion. They have questions, but they miss the right answers which is the truth. We are the ones who gives freedom for them to question and to get the right answers which leads them through Holiness and Love and respect. I am very much thankful to my Lord to the Country Germany where I have been sent, and more specifically to the faithful people who are close to the Lord who very much helped me being a role model by their life to take another step closer to God.It has always looked like I was the one who planned to take the flight to this blessed land. But in my eyes and heart lies the top secret that, it was the plan of the Lord. I love my parents and friends who influenced me to get closer to God, to feel his love and live in his affection. There was always a waiting time for everything in my life, but never missed anything and always received what I needed the most from heaven.

I sometimes pray or remind myself in my prayers saying, “I want everyone of them to go to where I will be going and that is heaven”. It is a self reminder for me when I pray, and to pray for others, the children or our brothers and sisters from the same Father, who art in heaven. When you love your family, your parents, siblings, cousins etc, would you leave them at house when you go to a park, or shopping or to a party! No, right! I felt it couple of years back that there is no more individualism, and all that what we do here on earth is a teamwork. We all must support each other. And I always find it so hard to see others suffering than my own suffering. That’s when I realized that the moment I enter inside a church, my eyes were always get wet. It was a great realization that our Jesus Christ, his body and blood is alive on the altar, which reminds all of us the holy sacrifice on Calvary hills. Pure definition of unselfish Love and affection where nobody could find nowhere.

There are two ways, with out a question the truth can be answered and with a specific question the truth can be answered. In my case, when I was in Kerala, where I was born. During my Catechism studies, I never had questions to my teachers, except asking for permission to go to the toilet. I never had questions or doubts on our catholic beliefs or God for my parents. It is not because I know everything, but I was not interested or was not enough mature to raise questions. But, now I wonder that my parents still answered me, taught me to love Jesus Christ, to love others, help others even before I got influenced from false friends, people or communities. I will be always thankful to the Lord for giving me a faithful catholic family. Now it is our turn to lead by good example our young generation. Even the smallest act we do for our brothers and sisters especially the young generation will influence them by the help of Holy spirit, to pave the path to hour of salvation. I wanted to remind once again, that lets make it happen at least one step ahead the one’s who spread lies and hatred to the young hearts who are suppose to lead the Children of God.

The young little one’s, they are ready to shine and bring light to the World, but darkness around them. Before it engulf them, let us transform ourselves to the true answers for them by the help of God. Let, God help us. Amen

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