Our Lady of Heaven offered her Son to souls on earth, we must in return offer our Prayers for souls in Purgatory

James 5:16; says “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is strong and effective.”

Let our prayer be upon all those who not have anyone to pray for them. My dear one’s there are many souls on earth who lack prayer from at least one person. So, we could only imagine the situation of those who died and was not able to make it to heaven at first go, but had to make a stop in Purgatory. This is really heartbreaking. All the souls in the Purgatory, all day and night, they will be pleading for prayers. So that they could receive the permission to enter the heaven and to be with Lord, Holy Family, and with all the saints and angels. Even St. Josemaria Escriva, who founded Opus Dei, an organization for lay people and priests dedicated to the teaching that everyone is called to holiness by God and that ordinary life can result in sanctity was also a strong devotee of St. Joseph.

St. Josemaria Escriva said that the ultimate aim for all of us is to glorify God, to praise him, to worship him, to love him through loving and caring for others, and having compassion for your neighbours. He said that we must pray for everyone, we must even offer our hard work as a prayer for the souls who needed the prayer most. He even said about St. Joseph, who was a true hard working person with a righteous heart. When St. Joseph was working in his workshop, one could imagine that child Jesus will be hanging around and close to his loving Father. When Mother Mary will be in the kitchen or outside doing other works. St. Joseph as head of the holy family, was working hard to feed his family, to protect them. And it is clear that St. Joseph was working for Jesus Christ. So, think this way, that we must also work, and work for Jesus, no matter the type of profession we are into. And what ever you do my dear one’s, just say it in your heart that the next hour of my work, that I offer it to 10 souls in the purgatory, to be saved.

We must all be saved, that is what our Lord wants, the Holy Family wants, Jesus wants. We must all take a moment to pray for the people whom we know, then for our family, friends, most importantly for especially the one’s who have not even a single person to pray for them and for the souls in the purgatory. They need our help, and we must offer our time for prayers, for those poor souls suffering lot of pain in the fire. They are like us. The only ticket for them to make sure heaven is our 1 minute prayer from bottom of our heart. The son of man will take care and helps us together with Mother Mary and St. Joseph. And we save our beloved brothers and sisters in the Purgatory. They too need a second chance, through our prayers, or they will end up there leaving behind the wish reaching heaven. Take a moment and start praying for all. Convert what ever you do as a prayer to save at least one soul my dears. Amen.