To attain Togetherness at its peak is to follow those innocent Childhood where our focus was just Joy & Happiness

There was a time I walked holding hand to hand with my Father and Mother to the parish Church for the Sunday Holy Mass. Even the special time when I was so small that my Mom hold me on to her shoulder, taking a long walk to to make sure a seat inside the church for the Sunday Holy Mass. Later the moment I started going to school, the upgrade was that I was my own along with my school friends.

The most wonderful time was every Year from January 14th to January 20th and those two days 19th and 20th where we celebrate the feast of our parish church venerated in the name of St.Sebastian. The different varieties of small shops, rides, and especially that expecting moment where my parents and relatives giving small amount of pocket money for buying things during the feast day. This was a moment of Friendship and Family where to meet and talk, buying things for others with our pocket money. I still remember that the close relatives visiting and staying couple of nights with us and going for the fireworks and letting my eyes see the colors spread on the sky and letting not the sound to enter my ears. Yeah, I guess I was afraid of the sound. The bigger I became, the closer I stand during the fireworks like moving away from that innocent childish life to the world of Sins.

During my school days and going for Catechism on Sundays, after attending the Children’s Holy Mass. The best thing was the gathering after the Holy Mass, chatting together with friends, explaining all that happened the previous weeks, the plans for coming week. And now I could relate going together with the friends to the Church, and celebrating the Holy Mass together, having food together was a life saver. Saved the life for the Lord and Holy Family.Togetherness is a pretty strong word I have ever come across. There are some really irreplaceable qualities one should practice to have togetherness. I don’t want to mention those qualities here, as I am one among many practicing it.

When I look back, this was the brightest days of my life. And now here I am, chewing those memories and swallowing the things what I learned those times to strengthen me in my daily spiritual life much far from home. Yes, I was a born Catholic. But, I found something in M├╝nchen that I was missing in my Catholic life which I learned from some of my German friends here. Sometimes, when we offer completely our life to Lord, vague things can happen which is good but seems to be a disaster. And, that was a realization of the truth be authentic, because people are watching you. And people are looking for something, which is good.

Next time, think about the moment when you go with your friends or family to celebrate Holy Mass. Try to place yourself in the middle of them. Imagine that moment when you look to your left and right to making an eye contact with them and releasing a sweet innocent smile at them. What a joyful and wonderful moment and you feel the whole world of good things align on one direction. That is Togetherness.