What a real love can do to someone! Yes, It can do wonders.

Colossians 3:14; “And over all these virtues, put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity”.

Real love is a wonder and it can change the world like Jesus did. He loved us unfailingly and his unending love the moment he was on Mary’s womb, his 30 years of life not revealing himself to the world according to the divine plan, the 3 years of ministry with his disciples for all Children, and when he died on the cross, sacrificed himself for all of us, and resurrected, will soon come back to see us. There are no reason to have hatred among us, but there are a million reasons to have love for one another. God ask us to love our neighbor and to love one another. There are no one who have not received love at least once. When we take the example of a couple, the fruit of their pure love is the woman getting pregnant. And she cares and love her child in her womb for almost 9 months. And, mother love the child with care, and all that she can give the little one. This is child is referred to all our childhood, the moment we were developed in our mother’s womb. And even before when we all were developed in our Mother’s womb, God know all of us, loved us and protected us and call each one of us with a name. So, sometimes I wonder how and when we looses this special love. My dear one’s, love is everything, without love, everything what we do and feel is just hallucination.

The love which all of us have for others is the reason why we will be loved. Love, so we will be loved. Care, so we will be cared too. What a beautiful thing to be loved by others. It is more beautiful to love somebody. Love can be expressed in many ways. And to strangers, most of the times I try to express my love and respect for them through a small smile or even a slight movement of our eyes together by shaking slightly my head up and down, the fact that we are wearing mask nowadays. Each one of us, have a beautiful heart, which is full of God’s love. The love of the Father, the love of the Son and the love of the Holy Spirit. Love all, look at their heart and not their beauty, look at their heart and not their position, look at their heart and not how much money they have, look at their heart and how talented or skilled they are. We must all take a look at the most sacred heart of Jesus Christ which was crowned by thorns, the most immaculate heart of Mother Mary which was pierced by a sword, the most chaste heart of St.Joseph which is flowered with Lillie’s. Let this world be changed and be filled with the love which is never ending and everlasting because the healing power of love is strong. Amen.